DynPro Business Intelligence

DynPro helps companies analyze, visualize, and understand data to drive innovation. By delivering a 360° view to explore and exploit data, organizations are able to make better decisions. Our BI solutions provide a platform for businesses to build collaborations among people with data, while easing the burden on internal IT staff. Businesses are provided with intuitive and timely access to company intelligence to function effectively.

How a DynPro Solution Can Build Your Company Intelligence


Could your employees perform better and faster if they had access to your business performance information, in one glance? DynPro allows you to experience this using dashboards:

  • Depict data to emphasize efficiencies and flaws in your business
  • Indicate positive and negative trends for an organization over time
  • Present visual data from all departments on a common interface
  • Ability to identify possible profitable paths for a company
  • Generate a collaborative and cohesive approach towards generating business reports
  • Display a cohesive platform to view current and future business trends in order to assist in setting upcoming organizational goals and strategies.
Enterprise Reporting

An important aspect of gaining BI is organized data. DynPro offers a knowledge management tool that will not only organize data into reports, but will also enable you to make strategic correlations among them to help make better decisions. Benefits of implementing this enterprise application is that you can:

  • Access a single report in multiple languages, formats, and devices from various locations
  • Unify reports that combine related views of an organization
  • Create, manage, and share templates easily to ensure a common pattern among similar reports
  • Extract report information to any desirable format (such as CSV, HTML, PDF)

Higher amounts of data digging often result in higher the levels of BI. To understand why and how your business is performing the way it is, utilize DynPro’s analytics applications.Analytics can help you:

  • Perform complex statistical analysis that could help you better understand reasons behind your success or failure as a business
  • Prepare marketing strategies that are grounded in operational research
  • Predict future challenges and opportunities more accurately, while keeping track of your previous trends
  • Protect your business by running risk analysis and fraud analytics

iQGateway builds customized advanced analytics solutions in the field of text, image and data that helps enterprises solve business problems or enhance a distinct business capability.

Analytics serves as an invaluable strategic asset to tap the unexplored potential of business. It is an enabler for revenue forecasting, risk management, aggressive deployment rationales, filtering risks, new perspectives, improving efficiencies and optimizing decisions. To achieve increasing returns, analytics enables corporations make informed futuristic decisions by providing them the ability to predict business event outcomes.

Using predictive and mathematical modeling techniques, iQGateway solves business problems transcending traditional BI solutions and also provides enterprises with predictive models to enhance decision making and increase efficiency of operations thereby reducing cost.

With no associated “product licensing” fees or cost overheads, iQGateway is a pure play customized advanced analytics provider, engaging with clients to solve very niche, sub-verticalized, incremental problem areas that can yield high impact over short periods or sustained low impact over relatively longer periods. 99% of its advance analytics solutions today yield ROIs within 3 to 9 months.

Working with a combination of core research and domain expertise, many find iQGateway’ s solutions to be a discerning complex mix of math, statistics, data analytics and algorithms – a major facilitator that can be applied in different ways giving enterprises the choice of applications that are best strategic fits for their business.